The Original iPhone 3G Was Built Out of Seemingly Stronger than Aluminum Plastic

The first generation iPhone came with an aluminum backing which covered nearly 90% of the phone’s back but this caused problems. Being out of aluminum made it easily scratched and dimpled from heavy or careless use, but nevertheless it would be safe to assume that it offered better protection than a plastic backing – you’d be wrong. Reports show that the iPhone 3G had a tougher build design and was made out of a stronger plastic. The guys over at BlendTech bravely sacrificed an iPhone 3G in a time when everyone was dying to get one and showed to the world that the 3G blended significantly less than their original First Gen iPhone blend test. In both these test both iPhones were completed destroyed beyond use however after the silicone dust settled the iPhone 3G’s plastic backing had survived almost completely intact.

A quick Google search doesn’t turn up much other than comparison tests because Apple does not fully disclose the materials used to build their iPhone devices, however we can see that Apple filed patent  #20060268528 which is described as allowing them to create  ”stronger and more rigid enclosures” in this case being the iPhone 3G. The plastic is described as a ceramic hybrid mix between zirconia and Yttrium which forms an incredibly strong plastic like material while still allowing “wireless communications therethrough” as to not reduce your iPhone’s signal reception.

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